About Us

Our shop has two dedicated witches with a combined thirty years of experience who make our products and manage our space. Both are heavily invested in traditional European witchcraft and harmonizing their lives with the seasonal shifts on their magic-focused organic farm. Together, they craft the magical oils and brews of the shop, foraging and growing their ingredients with the world around them and inspired by years of study and tradition.

Jarrod is a chef by day and a tarot-reading crystal witch by night. Not only is he a master of incense blending, Jarrod is also a profoundly talented reader of tarot.     A Usui RMT (reiki master teacher), he also likes to employ his vast crystal knowledge in both his healing work and curating the shop crystal collection.

Adrian grew up in a Romani family still practicing the old traditions. He is obsessed with herbs, growing and experimenting with rare, and sometimes dangerous, magical plants. A studious bookworm by nature, Adrian is often seen at the shop buried in random tomes and researching new and interesting ideas.